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Other riders worth tracking:

Rick Jackson



  1. Rick

    Cool! This will be fun tracking you and Joe on the outbound portion of Joe’s farewell trip. However, after splitting up in Sturgis I hear that you’re heading south and meeting up with another guy who rides an FJR1300 in Idaho Springs, near Denver. Rumor is that you’ll be riding the last 2000 miles or so back with him. The twisties of Colorado, Monarch Pass, camping at Ouray, Arizona’s Moab and Arches Nat’l Park, a 476-mile trek across the Nevada desert to Reno (yikes!), and a creative route down to SoCal on some “secret” lesser known roads. You’ll even get in some camping at Big Basin Redwoods National Park and Lake San Antonio along the way! Sounds like a great route. Ride Safe you guys. See ya on the 31st.


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