A Little History..

My name is Don, and I’m a motorcycle junkie. My addiction started over 4 decades ago when I purchase my first bike, a 650cc Triumph, from my brother for $650.00 It was a simple machine, standing proud with a slightly extended front end and pull-back bars. I rode it everywhere, that is until I decided what it needed was to become a custom chopper. So I stripped it down to the frame, had the rake increased and went to work adding Bondo here and there. Since I didn’t have a garage, this was done in the kitchen of my upstairs one-bedroom apartment. Dust everywhere, it was a wonderful time. I never did complete the transformation, and in the end sold the bike as a basket kit.

My next purchase was a Honda 350cc, kick-start, in red. It was new smooth and ran fantastic. Although underpowered compared to the Triumph, it carried me faithfully for about 8-10 years, finally sold shortly after getting married.

In 2005 I purchased a Honda VTX1300cc in black. Wow, the power, the noise and the vibrations were just what I needed. So what if the floorboards scrapped and sparks spit out from underneath like fire from a dragon’s mouth while doing tight turns, it was mine and it had power. But alas, I yearned for something with better handing, and that led me onto Sport Touring and my next bike, a Honda ST1300cc.

The ST1300 was heavy, I mean really heavy and she carried that weight way up high where it would cause the owner the most pain. I dropped her several times, learning how to pick her up. That bike was fast, smooth and could be farkled beyond my wildest imagination. I became known as the Farkle-King and spent many hours customizing that ST beyond belief. 56,000 miles on the odometer when sold, she now lives in Michigan.

Today I own the following motorcycles and have traveled thousands of miles across multiple state lines and our Northern boarders. The motorcycles of today are the best technology has to offer. True, many are without a soul, and I think that’s why the R1200GS appeals to me and has become one of my favorites, it has character.

2012 BMW K1600 GTL

2012 BMW R1200GS

2007 Aprilia R1000 Tuono

2009 Piagio MP3 250cc

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