The Spoked Wheel

2016 Bob’s Ride – Moki Dugway / Camping at Muley Point

Bob, Rick’s long time friend from New Hampshire wanted a ride through Arizona and Utah, again RJT (Rick Jackson Touring) did not disappoint.  We left on a 5 day adventure covering some 1,700+ miles taking in the sights of Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Escalante Staircase, Hogback, Dixie Forest, Glen Canyon National Recreation area, Valley of the Gods, Mexican Hat, Sedona, and Prescott AZ before coming home.  Camping sites were at Lake Havasu, Springdale (Zion), and Muley Point.  Muley point required a 3.5 mile graded dirt road ride just off Route 261, arrived late setting up camp just minutes before sunset.  Out site was located about 1,200 ft above the Valley of the Gods, tents were anchored securely since we were just a few feet from the edge.  The wind blew all night, only Bob managed to get a good night’s sleep.

The following day we rode the Moki Dugway a series of switch backs listed on the dangerous roads web site, to the Valley of the Gods.  This area was featured during the filming of Thelma and Louise.  The Valley of the Gods is a graded dirt road about 18 miles easily accomplished by anyone with some off-road experience.

We ended out tour in Prescott AZ, pronounced Preskitt, staying at the Hotel St. Michael located on Whisky Row rebuilt in 1901 after a fire.  Fantastic history of this location and worth a google.

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