The Spoked Wheel

Sunrise Highway Memorial Overlook

One of my favorite San Diego rides is the Sunrise Highway, also know as S1, running in a north-south direction.  It’s a well maintained road passing through some mountain eateries and pines.  This time was a bit different as Rick and I venture off the main road onto a  road where hang gliders have been known to frequent, and although there were not to be found we came upon a grouping of memorials overlooking the desert area.  The road was established in the late 1950s and is approximately 30 miles long.

One of the mysteries surrounds the death of Richard M. Zadorozny, not because of the manner of death but rather the lack of information about this 55 year old individual on the internet.


  1. Rosemarie Onderdonk

    Richard was my best friend for many years. He was an avid sailor and navigated by the stars around the world, lived on his catamaran, an archer, built his own hang gliders. We lived in Golden Hills as young teenagers. He worked for Entemin Pastries. I wondered why I had not heard from him. My daughter and her friend saw his monument on a motorcycle ride.


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